Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It has been an incredible year. I have so much to be grateful business allows me to make great new friends on a very regular basis. I am always so honoured to be allowed to be a part of the special moments in your lives.

It's not too uncommon to find me tearing up during the vows of any wedding I shoot. I think that this is because I live every day with my own wedding vows so close to my heart. I am VERY VERY grateful for my husband, Rob; gorgeous, wonderful, strong man that he is to put up with me and still make me feel like a new bride everyday.

This Christmas brings a special sort of meaning as my own two angels , Grayson, 4, and Sam, 2, have totally got into the spirit of giving (and I have to admit, getting) and are beside themselves with excitement for the big day. I think that the greatest joy for Grayson has been that she gets to dispense sticky tape with reckless abandon and is thrilled anytime someone wants to "make" a new present. Sam, well, he just keeps trying to get me to unwrap my presents.

I am also grateful for the love of our extended families as scattered across the country as they are and for all our new and old friends here who have become like family to us, especially our new neighbours. Home feels so much more like home when you have people you can count on just a few steps away. We are very grateful for the amazing Verbitskis.

Thank you to everyone who has touched our lives this year. I wish you peace, love and hope for a brilliant New Year.