Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This shoot was mostly un-posed, un-scripted and a joy to do.  Lara and Rachel just skipped through the whole thing like it was nothing.  Beautiful girls.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

HFP Fine Art in the Parade of Homes

Here are a couple of my canvases currently featured in Decora Homes, Parade of Homes brand new show home, design by Metric Interior Design; staging decor by Funktional Space.  Check out all the homes (and the rest of Decora's home to see more HFP fine art canvases, including our fave, the VW bus) until the end of September and support the Children's Wish Foundation.

Aaron Baumgarten-I should have Photoshopped him fat!

Aaron is the older brother of my childhood best friend.  I hadn't actually seen him in about 12 years when he contacted me to do his headshots for his acting/comedic career portfolio.  Kind of irked me a bit that he turned out lean, good-looking and kind of ageless.  This was the guy who referred to me as "Hef" instead of Heather from the time I was 6 until...well, probably until today.  The irony that I married a "Fritz" and my initials eventually did end up spelling H.E.F. (heather elaine fritz) is not lost on me, at all, thanks Aaron.  After the years of endless torment and "steamrollers", I really should have Photoshopped him fat!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Baby Bella

Don't blink...life goes by in a flash!  I photographed this family (what felt like) two months ago (ended up being almost 2 years ago), when Kristy called me up to ask me to come photograph her newest baby, Bella!...I didn't even know she was expecting.  I really loved hanging out withis gang again (and not JUST becuase they cheer for the right hockey team)!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Kelly & Chad-Engaged

I met Kelly, a dedicated ICU nurse, before Christmas last year.  We created a package of portraits of her to send to Chad while he was serving in the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan.  It was one of the most special Christmas surprises I had every been in on!  Shortly afterwards, Kelly asked me to photograph her and Chad's wedding in Alberta next summer.  I'm excited and honoured to help them record this incredible journey!  Thanks for inviting me along for the ride!