Thursday, August 09, 2012

Aaron Baumgarten-I should have Photoshopped him fat!

Aaron is the older brother of my childhood best friend.  I hadn't actually seen him in about 12 years when he contacted me to do his headshots for his acting/comedic career portfolio.  Kind of irked me a bit that he turned out lean, good-looking and kind of ageless.  This was the guy who referred to me as "Hef" instead of Heather from the time I was 6 until...well, probably until today.  The irony that I married a "Fritz" and my initials eventually did end up spelling H.E.F. (heather elaine fritz) is not lost on me, at all, thanks Aaron.  After the years of endless torment and "steamrollers", I really should have Photoshopped him fat!

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