Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby's First Year Special-Last Day!

What a hit! I can't wait to share with you all the babys that are part of my newest baby-package'll have to wait a bit though, all but two aren't even born yet. If you haven't signed up yet, not to worry it is an on-going program BUT TODAY is the last day to get it at the AMAZING introductory rate. One mom I spoke to yesterday asked me to repeat the price 3 times.

BABY'S FIRST YEAR! (New! With special introductory price until March 31th, 2011…yes gift certificates can be purchased for this amazing package)

1 full newborn shoot within first month of babies birth
50 custom birth announcements
10- mini shoots taken once per month until baby's first birthday* (20 minute shoot on one predetermined background)
1 full one year birthday baby shoot
1-16x20 custom designed collage of baby's first year using a special selection from each shoot
regular $899


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tamara & Michael's Big Adventure

Okay...I NEED to blog Tamara's belly shoot RIGHT NOW because this belly is already a baby and I'm going to photograph him this afternoon ( seriously, I'm trying to catch up with my blog but you all are keeping me so busy!...not complaining AT ALL!) Tamara's one of those women who probably rolls out of bed beautiful. Here she is 87 months (not really 87, but I bet it felt like it) pregnant and looking better than I did before my pregnancies were even twinkles in my husband's eye! Mike was game for anything, including posing downtown as business colleagues walked by (real men pose uncomplaining for their wife's belly-shoots!)

Can't wait to meet wee Eli this afternoon. Apparently he has a head of hair to rival all babies I've ever shot before!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creekside Antiques and Home Decor

I love this shop! I love that i keep finding reasons to shoot/shop here. Remember Ian and Amanda's belly? (that belly, Nate, just started walking btw!!)

Anyway, I was so thrilled to head back to Creekside on assignment from Fine Homes Magazine. It was good to catch up with the beautiful owner, Doris and check out all the amazing things she has in store for spring. Next stop? The new Delisle location...road trip anyone?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Jovie

Baby Jovie`s (she`s named after an elf on ELF!) mom is an aspiring photographer....looks like she`s got some great material to work with!

Saskatoon Opera-Champagne Brunch

We kicked off the Opera season in Saskatoon this month with the annual Champagne Brunch. Hosted by Cava Caffe and co-ordinated by Molly Lux of Lux Events, the day was sure to hold promise. Add the incomparable talents of local soprano, Danika Steckler (who flew in from Toronto specially for the brunch) and renowned local Pianist, Mark Turner and we had an enviable ticket.
Teri Skwara, President of Saskatoon Opera and Jane Wollenberg, President of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
Danika Steckler, Mark Turner
Karen Reynoud, General Manager, Saskatoon Opera
Chad Benko, Crossfit Saskatoon

Friday, March 18, 2011

Looks who's One!

Remember Bailey and Brooklyn..or is it Brooklyn and Bailey? Well, I've been dreaming about these babies before they were even born and now they are ONE! Big sister Carly joined us for a quick pre-Christmas shoot here and while I'm wayyyyyyy behind in blogging (thank you peeps for keeping me so busy) I thought it was appropriate to finally share some updated images of the girls on their birthday weekend!

Happy Birthday Brooklyn and Bailey and CONGRATULATIONS Mom and Dad for surviving a whole year with so many little ones!!!!
remember them a year ago!?!Brooklyn and Bailey!

The Kolach Family

Yeah, if I had three pretty daughters, I drive hundreds of miles on a Sunday just to get their photos done too! Beautiful girls and fun new little puppies...sometimes, it seems silly to call this a job!!