Friday, April 30, 2010

How do you make Saskatoon look beautiful in the Spring? just add Ashley!

Nope, you're not allowed to hate her...she's that beautiful on the inside, too! Ashley's responsible for the gorgeous makeup for all my pin-up and boudoir sessions. She's also helped me out with hair in the past. Judging from her wee son, it looks like she knows what she's doing when she makes babies too. Can't wait to meet the new one!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cravings Baby & Maternity Boutique

For the Hot Mama and Fashionable Baby, this is the place to be! It was also a photographer's paradise. Owners Rebecca Simpson & Jordana Jacobson have created the go-to boutique in the area for the discerning mama-to-be. Want to know what you are in for when you step through the doors? Just take a peak here at a small sampling of their goodies and their HEAVING display of customer service awards. Shop in-store or on-line. Click here for their website!

Jordana, Nicole (store manager) and Rebecca

Orlando Viloria-Real Estate

Orlando was looking for photos that reflected his easy-going style of matching his clients with their perfect home. Dude's just kinda fun to hang out with too! His contact info can be found here: (p.s. he's going to change the profile shot on his site SOON!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Law-abiding Belly with great teeth!

Can you tell me what Belly's parents do for a living?

Proving that in Saskatchewan there are only about 2 degrees of separation rather than the usual 7, these parents-to-be and I quickly made several discoveries of mutual connections and began to feel like old friends right away! Can`t wait to meet Baby!

Special thanks to the Hotel Senator and their excellent staff for letting us use one of their special corner suites (AMAZING LIGHT), their grand staircase and entry way for this shoot. The Senator is 102 years old this month...Happy Birthday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tea Party

I couldn't decide what was more stimulating, the exquisite decor, colours and beautifully packaged teas or the beautiful tantalizing food and aromas. Well, on second thought, maybe it was just the elegant and fascinating company. Special thanks to The Secret Garden Tea Company for letting me sneak around with my camera when I should have been sipping tea with the Ladies!
The Ladies: Amazing Photographer Jenn, Jennifer Kirk Photography and Dynamic event planners Tairalyn and Katy, Pomp and Plume Affairs
all the fabulousness of all friends rolled up into one person, Jenn!