Friday, March 30, 2012

Ron Baliski Realty

Serving Saskatoon and area for 25 years, Ron Baliski's team is full of young blood and solid experience. Our goal was to capture fresh and professional head shots that epitomized the energy coupled with the wisdom of the entire team. Ron Baliski Realty, Inc.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RUH Cravings Lounge BEFORE & AFTER!

Our last post about this amazing adventure. Take a look at the "befores" and "afters" of the lounge and then some candids of the unveiling ceremony to officially open the new lounge to the moms and babies of Saskatoon!

Befores & Afters
Me with Jordana Jacobson and Rebecca Simpson co-owners of Cravings baby & maternity boutique and cravings kids lifestyle boutique (the masterminds behind the makeover)

new dad, baby Macy, Mayor Don Atchison, Saskatoon Catholic School Superintendent of Education, Gordon Martell

Monday, March 26, 2012

Here's Hudson

You remember his mom, Alexa? She's one of my most talked about recent bellies! Well, here's her's and James' new bundle, Hudson! We just managed to get the photos in before the big boys showed up to take dad to hockey! Kid that's raised in Saskatchewan's got to get his priorities straight early, doesn't he? Eat, sleep and hockey...right?

Baby Kayden

Someone recently told me that they love the blog because of what I write before each series of photos! SERIOUSLY!!! the pressure! I really thought it was all about the images. Now I am stressed to find something witty to say. I'm not really a funny person, I'm just hugely anal retentive and I fall down a lot. But that's not funny because it hurts.

Anyway, this is Kayden (I did not fall down when I photographed him or when I photographed his pregnant mother , Sylvie!). I thinks he's lovely and I pity the fool that get between him and his big sister!

Sylvie's Beautiful Belly

So the photo shoot was intended to be a belly shoot but I think wee Ava stole the show!

Martha's Birthday

Martha turned 90! Yes 90! She looks like she's 60! It's always kind of fun covering a casual family event like this. The atmosphere with this family is always a hoot but I also like the feeling of taking the responsibility of recording the day off of a family members shoulders. Details, casual candids and portraits all end up being invaluable memories!