Monday, March 05, 2012

The Simpson Family

Today is International Women's Day so it seems fitting that today's post features the family of one of my favourite Saskatoon women, Rebecca Simpson. I actually have a lot of favourite Saskatoon women but I have the pleasure of working with Rebbecca and her equally amazing business partner, Jordana on a regular basis through our joint Cravings and Heather Fritz Photography projects. Rebecca's family was the first "Day in the Life" photo shoot that I did here in Saskatoon and remains one of my favourite finished set of candid family photos. While this shoot was a bit more structured, it was just as much fun to see Adam and Noah creatively show off their new duds from mom's store, Cravings kids lifestyle boutique.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have captured the
very essence of the Simpson Family.
Heather you do beautiful work.
Thanks for sharing.
From their Aunty Maureen Simpson

Heather Fritz Photography said...

Thank you Maureen. I am so lucky to know Rebecca and her boys!