Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tornado Sky

This is what the sky looks like as you call your dad and ask "What do I do if I see a tornado?"

It doesn't help when he says, "Drive the other way!"

What you can't see in this image is how fast the clouds are moving OR the tornado that touched down 15 km West of this sky!

Waiting for the train at Biggar

and this, my friends, is why I endure -40 degrees Celsius in February...big skies year round!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4 grown sisters, LOTS of little kids and a dog!

There are just too many last names to list. You may, or may not, recognize the twin baby girls in the large group photos from a newborn shoot I did this spring (click here to see newborn Brooklyn and Bailey). Anyway, thier mom's whole extended family ended up in the same city at the same time for 2 nanoseconds this summer and we took one of those nanoseconds to grab some photos. Feast your eyes on the most edible children in the park!
special thanks to emerging photographer, Della Kruger for assisting and contributing to this great day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Grandpa's Backyard!

When the patriarch of the Anderson and Black families turned 90, they all decided to Grandpa's backyard! Kids, grandkids, was a GREAT afternoon!

Marlene of Chatters Salons

About 14 hours after I returned home from my last trip to the West Coast, I received a call from my friend and hotshot real est sate agent Grace Beyer. She had a friend who needed hotshots ASAP!!!! Her friend, Marlene Neil is one of the founders of the Chatters umbrella of hair and beauty salons. With over 100 locations worldwide, I knew this woman would know a thing or two about looking good. Somehow I always end up working with people in the beauty industry when I an esthetically at my worst. I ended up showing up at Marlene's place in rubber boots (I was hunting for new photo locales in the rain), hair matted to my head and mascara running down my cheeks.

Didn't seem to matter to her, she graciously welcomed me and posed beautifully. Take a peak here at some of my favourites and the article from the July-August edition of Canadian Hairdresser.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mark & Ashley

Oh, these two over achievers did it again! Just days after they graduated as Dr. and Dr. (medicine and dentistry) they pulled of the most elegant and intimate wedding. You can tell a lot about a couple by the people they surround themselves with and this was no exception. Take a peak and see what had us all so breathless with the sheer beauty of their connection one minute and hysterical with laughter the next. That's one BIG love you've got going on, Mark and Ashley...thanks for inviting us all in!

the "green shoes" imported from New York, were almost a separate bridesmaid themselves!
Ashley's sore throat gave Mark much fodder for his roast, I mean, toast to Ashley!NO ONE held was booth-a-palooza!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Competition Hair!

For a while now I have been working with some of the upper management of Chatters Hair Salons. While the company has about 100 salons nation- (and soon to be world-) wide, this sure-to-be award winning confection was created by Chelsea at the Lawson Height Chatter Salon. mmmm...good hair!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great site for brides-to-be! Also featuring one of my latest weddings!...Phil and Jocelyn at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort in B.C.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Just a tease: Mark & Ashley

I'm still a ways away from having all of Mark and Ashley's amazing wedding edited but I just couldn't go any longer without a little tease. It was such an amazing day, Mark & Ashley were such gracious hosts to their guests and I was honoured to shoot alongside Mark's good friend, David from Rowan Jane Photography an emerging Calgary-based photographer.

A FULL blog of the day to come soon!

photobooth mania ensued as we celebrated everything from 50 year old marriages to 5 hour old marriages!


You might remember Jack from his Mom's belly photos (click here to see Jack as a bump) . He was my "Law-abiding belly with great teeth". Now he's a toothless little man with great hair. Either way, Dude's adorable!!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Baby Nixon...just wanted to take him home in my pocket!!!!

Nixon's mommy called me up because she was smitten by another photo of mine she had come across on the Internet.'s on the banner of my blog so you can see it here. She wanted me to replicate the image above with the Rhodesian Ridge Back and the 1 year old baby....only with her Weimaraner and her 4 week old baby!!! Ackkk! 4-week old babies can't sit up by themselves, can they? NO worries, we MacGyvered it with some string and duct tape and forever captured Jasmine (the dog) and Nixon (the baby) in the image of Mommy's heart's desire. Then Nixon just spent next 2 hours showing off his already irresistible personality....yup......just wanted to take him home in my pocket!!!!