Monday, April 25, 2011


Sarina, age thirteen, rocked her birthday photoshoot immediately following hair and make-up at The Lemon Tree Salon. She can't take ALL the credit though, here mom accompanied her and believe me, she's fishing in a pretty spectacular gene-pool!

Monday, April 18, 2011


What a fortuitous assignment this was for me! I met Tammy of Earthwear Face & Body Products while shooting her products for Fine Lifestyles Magazine. I was immediately taken with Tammy's story and her products. All of her products are hand made with natural ingredients. No chemicals, no toxic ingredients, no artificial color or fragrance and no irritating preservatives! More here. You can find Earthwear products in fine salons across Saskatoon OR you can meet Tammy herself every Wednesday and Saturday at her shop in the Saskatoon Farmer's Market!

be warned...if you know me, this is what you are getting for your birthday this year!

LOVE THIS EYECREAM!!! smells so good, works even better!

The "almost" photoshoot!

This is the last 2010 photo shoot I have to post, I promise (I think!). I sort of shot this at Christmas, in Alberta. I say sort of because I had laryngitis (the real-deal laryngitis, not the kind where you throat is sore and you occasionally talk raspy until you clear your throat...real, can't talk, sound like a dying gasping muppet laryngitis) and Miss Lexi (in pink) had an ear infection. Oh yeah AND it was REALLY Alberta-cold!
I was pretty pumped about this shoot because I have known mom, Kim, since Grade One!! We hadn't seem each other in about 18 years so I couldn't wait! Imagine her surprise when the mouthiest kid in school shows up with no voice! Anyway, we captured a couple before the kids dissolved and promised to meet up again this summer, when I will have functioning vocal cords (and maybe a bottle in my camera bag!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emily and a half!

You can't really tell here, but Alison is pregnant. You also can't really tell here but Mike is on crutches and can't walk at all. YOU CAN tell here that Emily is precious and busy and not at all phased by the fact that we forgot her mittens! Here's hoping that Baby number 2 is just as sweet!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jack's Back!

I thought I should find time to post my last pre-Christmas photo shoot before Christmas comes again! You will remember this awesome little family in-the-making here and then again when Mister Jack was born here. Featured here is a little pre-Christmas shoot we baby, how you've grown!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The High Tea

The ladies of Saskatoon gathered in high style this past weekend at Rembrandts in the historic Hotel Senator to enjoy high tea. Well, THE High Tea co-hosted by myself, Molly Lux of Lux Events and Marla Boyer-Cook of SightForStyle Designs was a resounding success. Hundreds of dollars were raised for cancer research and everyone had a great time. Thank you beautiful ladies and generous sponsors, let's do it again, shall we?
Molly Lux, Lux Events
(left) Brianne Janex of Heather Fritz Photography (centre)Prizes donated by Cravings Kids lifestyle store, Dawn Watier Designs, Sova Design, Paisley Party & Gift Boutique, Saskatoon Opera, Steeped Tea, Collen Janex, KVD Creations, Bridge City Fitness, Polka Dot Piggy, Shoppers Drugmart, Westgate Plaza, W&W Cupcakery and Bakery
The Ah-mazing Jak Jak!
Anne-Marie and Michelle, wand makers!

Marla Boyer-Cook of SightForStyle
making magic wands!
Sherri Hrycay of Sova Designs
Winner of Polka Dot Piggy skirt (left), Jordana Jacobson of Cravings Kids lifestyle boutique and Cravings Baby & Maternity Boutique (far left)

more of Marla Boyer-Cook's great designs!

PHOTOBOOTH!!! High Tea Style!This little one stole my signature pose!
The ONLY man in attendance!HAUTE!
Cheers! (left to right) Molly Lux, Marla Boyer-Cook, Heather Fritz