Sunday, February 18, 2007

Romance at The Old Mill

Melanie and Martin hired me after many emails and a couple of phone calls. We met for the first time just a few weeks before their wedding when I toured their venue, the Old Mill in Toronto. After just a few minutes of strolling through the old windy hallways of this charming Old Inn, I knew that this couple had really put themselves rather than the latest trends into their wedding. A morning ceremony in a sunlit chapel led into a quick walk through the snow covered courtyard for a few quick formals and then into a cheery, chatty, frolicsome luncheon. Martin surprised his bride by appearing at their wedding clean-shaven (when I met him he had a full beard) and Mel was elegant in a simple gown with an exquisite bouquet of tropical flower s and peacock feathers. "Very auspicious" apparently!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Stephanie & Tim...was it cold outside?????

Who knew and who was hot inside! Fiery red bridesmaids dresses and a red-hot romantic love made this c-c-c-old February day seem like a heat wave. Stephanie and Tim were married Saturday Feb 10, just one day before their 8th anniversary and it was like they'd been dating for just a few months-they were still that google-eyed for each other.We had so much fun with this couple, from continually making the bride spit out her gum to quickly identifying the "bad-son" brother, we laughed and joked well into the reception..

Thanks to Tim, Stephanie and both of their clans for a great day!Sweet, shy Katie

"Trouble" (a.k.a Xander)