Friday, September 28, 2012

LOOP: Little Opera on the Prairie

LOOP is a brand new grassroots opera company with a strong mandate to work with children.  This featured performance is the first production of their first tour.  Isis and the Seven Scorpions held a jam-packed gymnasium full of kids (and myself) mesmerized.  It was engaging, funny and beautiful!  Find  them on TWITTER @awinterhalt , FACEBOOK or online at
Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the cast of talent!

Kerry Agnew (Piano)
Justin Gerhard (David, Osiris and the Seven Scorpions)
Anastasia Winterhalt (Sally & Isis)
Jerimiah Scott (Professor Hornsby, Set and Rami)
Alicia Woynarski (Molly, Nephthys and Tehemet)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Can you believe that until I was invited to photograph Shannon Tweed at an open house, that I had never been in an SPCA before?  As a child, I'd had numerous cats, many bunnies and one dog...none of which came to us through a pet shop.  As an adult, I've been the crazy proud owner of three dogs, all of whom were adopted from situations that weren't the best for them or their owners so I`d never had the need.  After the shoot with Shannon, the Saskatoon SPCA asked me to become to become one of their volunteer photographers.  On this particular day, I brought along an expert in all things dog and donkey, my own son, Sam. 
Now, I expect and hope that most of these critters have found good homes but if any of them tug at your heartstrings, maybe take a stroll on out to your SPCA or animal shelter and see if one of their buddies might not find a place in your life. 

I made that kid!