Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The wonderful world of us!

Every year I photograph dozens of babies and numerous weddings. I often get asked, "doesn't it make you want to have more?" (babies), "doesn't it make you want to do it all over again?" (wedding).

The answer is no!

While I almost always fall a little bit in love with my clients (the sweet shock of red hair of one little girl, the gentle kiss a groom gives his grandmother, the way a mom tears up when she sees her baby through my eyes), I have everything I need and will ever need packaged up in my own little family.

This past year has been about me figuring out how to live in my moments with my own joy, "grow where I'm planted" as my ever-wise fridge magnet advises. My package of crazy goodness includes two sprogs who, as different as they are, would kill for each other and are thriving under my odd sense of parenting cum wolf-raising. Then there's a legally-bound mate who does everything in his ability to live merrily on the edge of Heather's World without getting sucked into the vortex (he's holding his own).

Spilling out from that is the Fritz and Metzger extended families that add so much to this wee clan. I love living closer to the FAM and can't wait to fall into Hank and Janet's waiting arms (despite the fact that they have replaced me with a 7 lb dog named after a rubber cartoon character) and enjoy the holiday season for everything it represents to me: family, food, love and highly competitive Chinese gift exchanges!

However you celebrate, enjoy your holiday season! If you are alone, there`s a space for you at Hank and Janet`s table. (I`m not kidding.)

Thanks for being a page or a chapter in my book this year. See you in 2011 with all the photo shoots I didn`t have a chance to blog and all the awesome new workshops and projects we have in the works!

(Australian joke that I don`t quite understand but enjoy anyway!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's happening in the 306??

Well, a lot, to be honest!!!! I'm getting everything put together for the holidays and wanted to share the photos and fabulous business of an amazing local woman. Heather, owner and mastermind behind AREA 306 and her boys, Carter and Levi took an afternoon off to hang out with me and my cameras...great pre-Christmas fun!

Even more fun (and possibly RELIEF) for you last minute shoppers is Heather's uber-cool on-line shopping site: . Quick shipping, great turnaround and awesome unique brands are the answer to many holiday shoppers prayers!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pearson Family

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a little behind in blogging...about 17 posts behind actually. So even though we are in a winter wonder-(deep freeze)-land here in Saskatoon, you'll be seeing a few more golden days of Autumn up here on the blog for the next little while. I like to blog in chronological's a part of my disorder, best you just used to it, I ain't changing anytime soon. But wait for it...I have some amazing families that have braved frigid temperatures and BLIZZARDS to create the gorgeous winter family photos!

So here we have the wee twins Avery and Cassidy. A pair of sweet delicate Dresden dolls that had me RUNNING full out all afternoon. Not sure where they (or their parents for that matter) found their energy as they had been up VERY early to welcome a new cousin into the world.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gettin' my CHRISTMAS on!!!

I'm buried deep in Christmas orders, Christmas shopping, Christmas eating (well, actually just a lot of regular everyday eating) and spending A LOT of time laughing out loud in front of my computer screen. I don't usually do much Christmas-themed portraits as I shoot mainly on-location but I couldn't help myself when it came to a spotted bowl, a striped hat and a handsome wee elf! I first photographed Nixon at 4 weeks and keep going back for more. I mean, really, just the hair alone.....
oh yeah...and this is what happens if you leave me alone with your dog, a backdrop and a Christmas prop!!!

p.s. I have captions for each one of Jasmines expressions here (none are suitable for a family blog-post).