Sunday, May 06, 2007

Edgey Red Deer

I just spent the past week in my hometown of Red Deer, Alberta. I try to make it home during the spring between winter and summer weddings so I have a chance to recharge. In an effort to really focus on relaxing, I didn't even take an SLR home with me...just my point and shoot camera.

Okay, so I'm home for about 4 hours when my fingers get itchy and I start rifling through my parents hall closet to find my dad's old manual Yashika. The only film he had in the house was a couple of rolls of 800 ISO he had left over from a trip to Honduras in January (he uses 800 for underwater stuff when he's scuba diving).

So the 800 gives me some edgy grainy shots that are a little weird but kinda fun because when I think of Red Deer, I think of a warm, cozy place, not this edgy, harsh world that you see on this film. (p.s., thanks to my sister, Erin, for driving be around that freezing night I decided to shoot!)

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