Monday, April 02, 2012

Third Avenue Centre Saskatoon

I was introduced to the possibilities of the Third Avenue Centre as a landmark for culture and change by pianist, instructor, director and radio host, Mark Turner. Formerly know as the Third Avenue United Church and celebrating it's 100th Anniversary, Third Ave Centre for Community Enrichment is a treasured landmark in Saskatoon, and is now looking ahead to the next 100 years. Third Ave has always been a meeting place for Saskatoon's cultural community, and the Centre for Community Enrichment is dedicated to strengthening cultural connections in Saskatoon with inspiring and creative opportunities and events. I was thrilled to be invited to photograph the Centre and the 100 year old HAND PAINTED stained glass for an upcoming magazine article about the historic windows. Photographing the church over two mornings all by myself was an amazing experience, the space is awe inspiring. In fact, from now on, if you can't find me after a particularly stressful morning, you might look for me in the 4th row of the balcony...peace and light!

Your will find all sorts of event and facility information on the Third Avenue Centre's Facebook page.

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Boyd Denny said...

These are remarkable pictures of a very beautiful building taken by an expert photographer! You are to be congratulated. These pictures alone may make the difference on the goal we all want to achieve.

Thanks Heather.

Boyd Denny