Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Janex Clan, Episode Three

It's Ryan.  The youngest member of the Janex family.  Yup, the last of three kids, three years in a row.  Meeting the Janex family impacted my life in a big way!  Suddenly, I had a pool of baby sitters to choose from and a whole family of new friends. The summer after Brianne graduated from high school she came to work for me and was almost solely responsible for the design of my current website, she then went on to study web design at college (I think its time she come back and give my website a face lift!).  Baillie's a busy woman with her career now but I can get still her in to occaisonally watch my sprogs! There is so much to appreciate about this family and their values....I'm really just sad that they've run out of graduating children!  Thanks for inviting me along.  H    

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