Sunday, June 09, 2013

Jak...amazing at any age!

Jackie was my first friend in Saskatoon and still one of my best.  To know her is to be a better person, I promise you.  I could list everything she has done for me and my family here, from taking care of my kids when I was too sick to peal myself off the floor to climbing trees to help me get the perfect shot at a wedding but what we (everyone at the Fritz house loves her as much as I do) love most about her is her spirit!  Her ability to be happy with that that she already has, her ability to find the positive in the absolute worst and her unfailing grace.  We love you Jak, Happy 40th Birthday!

p.s. these photos were taken over the shoulder of a student that I was training.  Jackie had volunteered to be a model that day so that the student could get some experience shooting real humans! (these shots are all mine)  thx Jak!

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