Wednesday, December 21, 2011

and so this is Fritzmas! house is a disaster, I am about 45 blog posts behind, I'm chin deep in 2 big non-portrait (yet still photography related projects), I'm in agony as I am just getting my body back into shape and the fitness regime is kicking my butt, I still haven't found time to get my car fixed from my third~yes third~car accident (all NOT my fault-please don't text and drive) of the year.

....yeah but its all good.

Really good. This year our kids stayed healthy, we stayed married and I never got hurt no matter how many times the universe sent another vehicle hurtling towards mine.

I'm not trying to be irreverent when I say "Fritzmas" (maybe a little cute) but the fact is I don't really care what you are celebrating this year. I believe in family; the family you are born with and the family that you choose (and even the family that just stumbles into your life). At Christmas, I celebrate the people in my life, friends who are like family, clients who become friends, the family I was born and married into, the family I created (who hasn't let me sleep in in 9 years), and the family I chose 13 years ago when he bought me a snowball in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Happy Holidays and thank you for being you!


Anonymous said...

Love the card and the story behind it. You did my wedding photos 5 1/2 years ago and your work still amazes me.

Have a happy and safe holiday
Donna Y

Anonymous said...

Hillarious: Don says Poor Rob Have a great Holiday and all the Best in 2012
Mary and Don

Anonymous said...

OK so I guess your getting 2 comments and greetings from us, well now 3 You can keep whichever one you like best LOL